Clifford A Englerth 2024

As President I will end the failed status quo. The current system favors only the privileged and elite not serves the good of the people. The system should be fair for all American citizens to be able to share in the American dream. I like many of you envision a nation where the leaders serve not exploit the people. I will do my best to make that a reality. Many a candidate has promised us the world only to fail or not even try to do what they say I will keep my word. I am honored to earn your vote it is not something I take lightly. There are going to be a lot of people telling you that a vote for me is a wasted vote but I say that your opinion matters and is never a waste. When you vote for me you are telling the establishment that you deserve better than what they have “provided”. Your vote amplifies our voice calling out for change. Together we will make our great nation one of justice, peace, innovation, and prosperity. Join our campaign today!

Clifford A Englerth on the issues:



We as a nation go to war all the time on all fronts well let’s finally fight a war worth fighting. Let’s finally end hunger in this country once and for all. We are the wealthiest nation on earth, yet we have people going to sleep tonight without proper nutrition. It is not a food shortage as alarmists claim, it is a food distribution issue. Often perfectly good but deformed produce is discarded by grocery stores when we could be making it into a dish for those in need. We can no longer make the arrogant excuse that people only go hungry in this country by choice. While there may be other issues that are harming a person poor nutrition should not be one of those things.